Power Supply-12V - 2AMP

12 Volt 2 Amp

DC Supply

AC Power Adapter

Power Supply-12V - 2AMP

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High Quality 12V DC Power Supply Adapter for any device that requires stable DC power. Examples: CCTV, LCD Screens, Audio and Video Devices, Digital Media, Hard Drives, Computer Peripherals, Amplifiers, Satellite Radio receivers, and many more. This adapter will protect your valuable electronics against spikes and dips in power, and will shut itself off if the power supply becomes unstable. It can be reset by being unplugged and replugged in.

About the Connector:
The connector for this power supply adapter is standard for any device which matches these power specifications (12 Volt 2 Amp).

Connector Size: 5.5mm (Outside barrel) x 2.5mm (Inside Barrel)
Center: Positive.


Key Features

12 Volt 2 Amp, DC Supply, AC Power Adapter

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